Ultimate Guide to Planning a Bachelorette Party at a Male Strip Club

Planning a bachelorette party can be intimidating but planning a bachelorette party in a male strip club may complicate things even more. No worries, we have your ultimate guide on how to plan a bachelorette party at a male strip club. Most women have never been to a male strip club before and if it is your first time, then you are in for a wonderful treat. Hosting a bachelorette party at a male revue will allow you and your girls to get as wild as you want with some hot male strippers. Below are the steps that we recommend when you plan a bachelorette party at a male revue.

1. Pick a Date

When planning a bachelorette party at a male revue, it is important to pick a date. Wedding season tends to occur during the spring and summertime and as a result, many girls book tickets to male strip clubs. However, many girls forget that these clubs have a maximum capacity. If you wait until the last minute to reserve your tickets then it is possible that the show for the evening you want may be sold out. As a result, we highly recommend you pick a date early and coordinate with your bridal party to ensure everyone can make it.

2. Determine Your Budget

Different strip clubs offer different party packages but usually, they are all about the same. It tends to start with cheaper tickets for seating farther away in the back of the club to bottle and table service for the wild girls that want to sit up front and get close and personal with the dancers. It is important to go over with your bachelorette party what the bachelorette’s preference is, or if you want to surprise her then you would need to know her preferences beforehand. We have seen on more than one occasion where a maid-of-honor thought her bachelorette would be shy and would sit her in the back but the bachelorette turns out to be the wildest one in the group. Make sure you budget for dollar bills and lap dances (usually they start around $20) because at many strip clubs, the men will come off the stage to show everyone what they are working with.

3. What to Wear

What you wear to a male strip club is equally as important. Some bachelorette parties like to have the same t-shirts with the bachelorette wearing something completely different. Other groups will just dress up for the night. It might be wise to leave the mini-skirt at home since some male strippers do bring the girls up onstage and will pick them up and flip them around all over the place. Of course, this is done with the consent of the bachelorette but if you want to be picked up then it might be a good idea to just wear pants instead.

4. Attendance List

It is important to determine the number of people going with you to the bachelorette party because it will dictate how many tickets to reserve in advance. Also with table and bottle service reservations, it is important to book the correct number of people at a table. Some male strip clubs can only accommodate so many large groups so gathering the attendance list is important. It is recommended that once you know how many people will be going, you reserve your tickets early because it is highly likely that there are other bachelorette parties also looking to celebrate at the same place.

5. Surprise or No Surprise?

Should you surprise your bachelorette and not tell her that you are going to a male strip club? Well, it’s completely up to you and some bachelorettes have walked in blindfolded not knowing where they are going until they are faced with some chiseled abs in their faces. Other girls don’t like surprises and want to know where they are going beforehand. The choice is up to you and how well you know your bachelorette.

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6. Transportation

Transportation to and from the male strip club is very important. Some groups like to arrive in a party bus while others arrive in limos. Sometimes the group will drive. If you are driving, please be sure to get there early because there are times when parties cannot find parking and end up missing the first part of the show. We don’t want anybody missing out on anything so if you do drive, make sure you know what the parking situation looks like around the club. Also please remember to drink responsibly.

7. What to Bring

The most basic thing to bring is yourself, duh, but it is always fun to bring some toys with you as well. Some girls like to bring the dollar bill gun that shoots out dollar bills while others bring the long plastic arm that pinches the male stripper’s bottom. It is entirely up to you and your party what to bring. Please do not bring alcohol to the male strip club because more than likely it will be removed by security before you enter.

8. Before Arriving

Before arriving to the male strip show, it is important that you make sure you have your proper ID’s ready and your tickets ready. Please make sure that everyone in your group knows where you are going (unless it is a surprise) and also make sure that you have plenty of time to get there. Most male strip clubs are in major metropolitan cities with limited parking and a lot of traffic so be prepared for that.

9. During the Male Revue Show

During the show, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. Many times, the dancers will come up to you and your group and offer lap dances for $20. It is up to you and your friends to determine whether or not you want lap dances for yourselves and the bride. You can stick dollar bills down the dancer’s underwear and get them to really shake it for you! Also most male revue shows have a bar so make sure you drink responsibly and don’t get too hammered. We want you to remember these fond bonding memories.

10. Select the Best Male Stripper for Your Bachelorette

Many times during the show, there will be an opportunity to bring the bride up on stage or to have her get a one-on-one lap dance with her favorite guy. Make sure you know what type of guy she likes. Is she into the blonde-haired blue-eyed surfer dude or the rugged cowboy with the goatee? There’s no right or wrong answer and there is usually something for everyone. She might even step out of her comfort zone and get lap dances by two guys at once! Once you know her favorite male stripper, you can always ask him to bring her up onstage to be a part of the show or to get her a private dance.

11. Male Strip Club Etiquette

Most people think that the male strip club is just a wild party scene but there is a certain etiquette to the evening. Please do not be aggressive and try to rip the dancer’s underwear off. The dancers cannot go full nude and need their underwear for the next show. Also please make sure that you do not twist the dancer’s nipples, it really hurts! Some girls have never been to a male revue show before and sometimes get a little too crazy.

12. Taking Photos

As a follow up to male strip club etiquette, usually you can take photos of the dancers in the club. However, some dancers have day jobs or are working their way to pay for school and prefer not to have their photo taken. It is proper etiquette to ask the dancer beforehand if it is ok to take his photo, especially while he is giving your bachelorette a lap dance. Many guys will say it is ok and some might say it’s fine as long as they have their faces blocked. Regardless, there is usually time after the male strip show to take photos with all of the guys so do not worry – you will have these memories saved for the future!

13. The Afterparty

Once all of the craziness ends, its time for the afterparty. Some male strip clubs have promoters working there to bring the girls to other clubs after the show. If you haven’t planned for an afterparty, it is a good idea to ask the dancers what they would recommend as an afterparty. Usually the girls want to go to a regular nightclub after getting danced on by a bunch of hot naked men. Since most bachelorette parties are sitting most of the time during the show, they want to go out and dance afterwards. Usually there are good nightclubs nearby and sometimes the male strip club will turn into a regular club after the show so you can celebrate the afterparty there without even having to leave.

The above provides some basic guidelines on how to plan a bachelorette party at a male strip club. Dancers are always looking to provide a positive and memorable experience to all of the girls in your group so don’t be shy! We hope that this will help alleviate some of the stress that comes with planning these parties.